Through sharing experiences with pure intentions we learn so much about ourselves and each other.  The energetic barriers dissolve, relationships are strengthened and connections are felt deeply. 
May we continue to create a safe space to witness and we witnessed and a space for heartfelt   
Thank you all for sharing your journey.   
- With Love and palms folded, Arvindjeet Kaur

Arvindjeet Kaur is such a gift and blessing. She lives in abundance and shares that with others and I'm so thankful for that. I've practiced the kundalini practices she has given me at least 4 times and it's gotten me very centered. I also want to thank her for her transparency regarding her depression because that's exactlyyyy what I've been moving through the last few months, but I held deep shame about it. Her openness helps liberate others.


I've always been interested in having a healing session.  Not knowing wether to believe in it or not. Thinking that it might not be true or that it might not work.  But Arvindjeet Kaur is amazing! She has a heart of gold. She makes you feel comfortable even if you're at your lowest point.  I have been through so much trauma since I was a child.  Arvindjeet Kaur has been able to heal me from certain traumas.  Like putting the pieces of a puzzle back together.  The feeling after each session is magical and rejuvenating. I was taking xanax to cope with my depression and anxiety before my personal sessions and now I dont have to. I feel so much more at peace.


I hadn't attended a sound healing for years, but after having a child, going through change in my professional life, and releasing relationships that didn't serve me anymore, my intuition called me to attend Arvindjeet's full moon workshop. Upon meeting her, I already knew that she would be a part of our lives forever. She radiates love & compassion for all of her students & makes you feel as though you are exactly where you need to be. My husband & I both had a powerful experience with her breath work & sound healing & walked out of Native Sol feeling lighter, more in tune with ourselves & each other, & literally felt our bodies release fear, tension, and pain. I've attended a few of her workshops since January & I have been able to manifest my intentions I set ~ and push through my fear ~ each time. Thank you for always holding the space for us & sharing your gift of sound, love & healing with the community!



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