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Our Signature Experiences

Welcome to our Signature Services! We are thrilled to offer you Private Groups, Public Events, and more, serving communities in Southern California/Socal and across the globe. Whether you're seeking transformative experiences, holistic well-being, or community-focused events, we are here to make a positive impact. Join us on this incredible journey of growth and connection. Together, let's create meaningful experiences and make a lasting difference!


Walking With God

Holy Fire® Reiki

Sound Bath

Walking with God Holy Fire Reiki® Sound Bath: A transformative fusion of Holy Fire Reiki® and a soothing sound bath, promoting relaxation, emotional healing, and spiritual growth. Connect with your inner self and the divine for inner peace and well-being.

New Moon + Full Moon
Human Design
Ajna Light

Holy Fire® Reiki
Sound Bath w/ Plantwave


Experience the transformative power of New Moon/Full Moon Ajna Light Sound Bath with Human Design and Holy Fire® Reiki. This unique session blends the sacred technology of the Ajna Light, the harmonizing vibrations of a sound bath, the wisdom of the Human Design System, and the spiritual healing of Holy Fire® Reiki. Get ready for deep relaxation, self-discovery, and profound spiritual growth. Align with the moon's cycles and unlock your inner potential for a truly extraordinary experience.

Kundalini Yoga

Sound Bath

More to come...

Women's Circles

Women's circles are empowering gatherings where women come together to connect, share, and grow. Through open discussions, storytelling, rituals, and activities, participants experience self-expression, healing, and personal transformation. These sacred spaces foster sisterhood, community, and a profound sense of understanding. Women's circles honor and celebrate the feminine essence, providing a nurturing environment for self-care, learning, empowerment, and soulful connections.

Red Roses
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